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High Fluff

improves cushion

Kiln Dried

super absorbtion

reduces bacteria

easier removal

Yellow Pine

neutralizes odor

Low Dust

promotes healthy breathing

Select Small Pine Flakes

Select Small Pine Flakes are shaved smaller, making mucking the stalls an easier task. Even though the Select Small Pine Flakes are shaved smaller, the same amount of effort is made to ensure a low dust product for you and your horse. Select small pine shavings are available in 7, 10 and 11 cubic foot bags that are compressed into a 2.55 cubic foot bag for easy handling and storage.

Custom Blend Pine Flakes

A perfect blend of larger and smaller flakes. The Larger flakes provide higher fluff and comfort for your horse. Stall mucking remains easier due to the smaller flakes. This best of both worlds product is our best seller. The custom blend come in two handy sizes, the 8 cubic foot easy to use bags and the very economic 12 cubic custom blend when you want more for your money.

EZ Pic Pine Flakes

EZ Pic is screened to remove dust just like our Custom Blend and Select Small. It is 100% kiln dried with no by-product. EZ Pic is very easy to muck, reduces waste and cuts down on disposal which saves time and money. It has super absorbancy and works great alone or in conjunction as a base with one of our other great products.

Pine Tree Wood Shavings

No matter which flake size you choose, you can be confident in your selection. We begin production of Pine Flakes by harvesting managed southern yellow pine with the industry’s highest quality equipment. The shavings are kiln dried in high heat -- killing 99% of germs, and increasing moisture absorption capacity. From shaving logs to bagging the final product, each step of production contributes to preserving product integrity and ultimately provides bedding that helps maintain your horses' good health.

Double Tree Forest Products state of the art equipment provides ultra compression to ensure that you get the best value on the market today. Not only do you get a great high premium product you also get more product in the bag. The custom blend and select small come in a variety of compressed bag sizes.

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