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Custom Blend Pine Flakes: 

A perfect blend of larger and smaller flakes. The Larger flakes provide higher fluff and comfort for your horse. Stall mucking remains easier due to the smaller flakes. This best of both worlds product is our best seller.

  • High Fluff - Improves cushion

  • Kiln Dried -  Killing 99% of germs, and increasing moisture absorption capacity

  • Yellow Pine - Neutralizes odor

  • Low Dust - Promotes healthy breathing

The custom blend comes in the very economic 12 cubic custom blend when you want more for your money.


One bag of Custom Blend Pine Flakes fills a 12’x12’ stall an inch thick. In addition to Pine Flakes improving cushion for better support of your horses' joints and hooves, the extremely low dust from our premium quality Pine Flakes helps to maintain your horses’ good respiratory health. The low dust from our Pine Flakes product will provide a safer environment for you and your horse which is significant to Pine Flakes' superior quality.


While Pineflakes is preferred by show horse and race horse owners worldwide, it was created for the everyday horses we love.  It also provides a great bedding option for other livestock on your farm or ranch.

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